Renaissance Waverly Skylight Replacement

Here at Kistler, we love working on new, modern buildings. But we also take a tremendous amount of pride in our work on replacement and remediation of existing structures that time may have taken a toll on. In fact, those jobs make up about half of the work we do.

We’re dedicated to adding value in all our endeavors. And in today’s market, updating old and deteriorating buildings has become increasingly important. Our commitment to this goal is driven by the benefits of reusing existing structures, which helps reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint.

One recent project we wanted to put a spotlight on is our fix of a failed skylight for the indoor pool at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center. The old skylight there was leaking. Not only was the leak causing damage to the building, but the aging skylight was pretty unsightly when viewed from the guest rooms above (photo shown below).


To stop the leaks, improve the feature’s overall appearance, and allow more natural light to come into the pool area, we turned to our friends at Kalwall

“Kalwall skylights are a great solution when you need to bring in natural daylight but don’t want the hassle of glare and unwanted heat,” says Vice President Kurt Kistler. “Weighing a fraction of costly glass, Kalwall can be installed without the need for heavy lifting equipment, making installation times much shorter.”

The result is an indoor pool area that Renaissance Waverly guests can enjoy year-round without the worry of leaks and their associated health hazards. As a bonus, the new skylights really let the Georgia sun shine through, minus the excessive heat that often comes with that.