Lightweight. Aesthetic.
Easy to Maintain.

We’ve been fabricating and installing Aluminum Composite Material systems for 40 years. Our experienced personnel utilize state-of-the-art equipment to produce a wide array of systems. Kistler is with you on your project from beginning to end, from helping you select the best products for the job to making sure installation and completion exceed your expectations.

We offer five AST-tested systems that can offer whatever performance needs your project requires.
Aluminum Composite Panels

Benefits of Aluminum Composite Material systems include:

  • A solid, fire-retardant core
  • extremely flat – no oil canning concerns
  • easy to bend, curve, and radius form
  • ideal for column covers & beam wraps
  • lightweight – half the weight of solid aluminum, but still 90% as strong
  • easy to install – can install on steel studs or over existing substrates like brick, precast, or stucco
  • excellent choice for retrofits

Our systems have been tested and approved for: Dade County NOA, Florida Product Approval (with HVHZ), NFPA 285, AAMA 508, and AAMA 509.